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Changes in the Estonian commercial registry, change of owner and board, change of address and capital

– transfer share ownership
– adding new shareholders
– increasing or reducing the share capital
– registration of share capital contribution
– adding or removing board members
– changing the business name
– amending the articles of association
– registering a new financial year
– registering a new business address

If you are located outside Estonia, then the company shareholder/board member must sign the power of attorney at a notary office in his country of residence, the power of attorney must be approved by a notary and apostilled.

Required data and documents
In order to prepare the documents you need to present us the following:

Passport copies, home addresses and contact data of the seller and the buyer;

Marital status of the seller;

If the seller/buyer is a legal person- certificate of registration, passport copy of the representative and power of attorney (if the representative is not a board member);

If the seller is selling less than 100% of the share; the nominal value of the part of the share that will be sold;

Conditions of the transfer (price);

Other documents
Please be informed that public documents (power attorney, marriage certificate, certificate of registration) issued abroad must be authenticated by a certificate (an apostille) in order to use them in Estonia as official documents.

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