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Estonian ready made company: premium package1390 eur Price 650 eur
Estonian ready made company: premium package.
Free address/mail forwarding and contact person service for 3 months.
Free accounting for 2 months.
Buy company 100% remotely.

If you have any questions, please contact:, ph +372 5089565

The procedure for buying an Estonian company:
100% remote service:

We will send you a power of attorney to your email, which you have to sign at a notary in your country of residence (if necessary, the notary can also confirm it with an apostille, depending on the country where you are located).

– if you are located outside Estonia, then the buyer must sign the power of attorney at a notary office in his country of residence, the power of attorney must be approved by a notary and apostilled;
– if you are located in Estonia, call or email us and we will arrange an appointment with a notary in Tallinn, where the buyer can sign the company’s purchase agreement and other documents;
– If you are an E-resident of the Republic of Estonia and have an E-resident card of the Republic of Estonia, we can quickly set up a company registered in Estonia within 1 day, or you can purchase a ready-made company registered in Estonia and sign the purchase contract digitally with an E-resident card.

General requirements
You can be same time a shareholder ( can have a minimum of 1 shareholder ) and a member of the board of an Estonian company (the board can have minimum 1 member).
There are no restrictions for citizens of different countries to be shareholders or board members.
The share capital requirement is a minimum of 2,500 euros, it does not need to be paid in.
An address registered in Estonia as a company address is required.
A contact person is required (if the partner/board member of the Estonian company is not a person living in Estonia).

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    +372 5089565

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    +372 5089565